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Rebate Forms - 2012

High Efficiency Natural Gas Tankless Hot Water Heater

Furnace and Natural gas Boiler

Ductless Split Heat Pump Incentive

Energy Start Heat Pump Water Hater

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        Parducci Plumbing, LLC provides services to both residential and commercial customers in a variety of settings.  We see the job through preconstruction design, installation, and maintenance.  Below you will find a list of our services, new energy efficicent products, and 2012 rebate forms.  If you do not see something you are interested in, please contact us! 

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            -  Plumbing                                                -  Gas fittings                                -  Frozen Pipes
            -  Leaky faucets                                         -  Sewage Injection Pumps               -  Sinks
            -  Clogged drains and toilets                       -  Faucet and Fixture Repairs            -  Commercial Lavatories
            -  Water heaters                                          -  Garbage Disposals                         -  Kitchen Remodeling
            -  Water softening and filtration                   -  Sump Pumps                                -  Tub and Shower 
            -  Bathroom Remodeling                             -  Appliance Installations                   -  New Construction

New Products - 2012

State Water Heater - Premier Hybrid Electrical Heat Pumps
EPX 60/80 - DHPT

- Efficiency Mode
- Utilizes the heat pump for all water heating
- Will revert to element if ambient temperature is outside optimal operating range for heat pump

- Hybrid Mode
- Utilizes the heat pump or upper element for water heating, depending on demand

- Electric mode
- Standard electric water heater option


Baseboard Radiation
Imperial 700-A1

Super Strong...
Super Silent...
Super Safe...
Super Efficicnet...


Bock Water Heaters, Inc.
Oil-Fired Water Heaters

Turboflue - Bock's patented design is the industry's most advanced and efficient heat exchanger.  Simply put, it heats water faster and uses less fuel, which reduces energy costs.


CSI Water Treatment Systems

The Signature Servies, Control Valve
- 12 Volte DC Operation
- 5 Fully adjustable cycles
- Easy programming
- 5 year limited warranty
- Choose demand regeneration or timelock option
- 9 Volte Battery back-up
- Cycle position indicator


Honeywell Aquatrol
Electronic Controls for Hydronic Heating

- Energy Savings
- Equipment Protection Features
-System Compatibility
- Energy Savings
- Intelligence